I’ve been writing ever since I can remember myself. I have also always had a fascination with theatre and film. A friend suggested combining the two; this was the first time I had considered it. Little did I know at the time that this would be the start of a passion.

When I was younger, I thought that life is a great world and that you have to conquer city by city. Today, at the threshold of the fourth decade now I realize that life is a small private room and that you should keep the walls as close to you as possible. Make it according to your wish and never let anything else in. We go through life alone. Art is a possibility to share it. A place to rejuvenate every day.

Rather than the chaotic world outside of which we have no control, I create a world in my mind based on what I want. The joy of creation, the joy of making a world from nothingness and being its god, and the joy of being admired cannot be compared to anything. When people love my work, I feel like a mother who spent the whole day at the stove to watch her loved ones eat with a good appetite eventually.

I am so close to my works that I cannot find their meaning. Relishing quiet characters, I tend to use the image, actions, and ambiance as much as possible and not dialogue. My interest in Persian literature and its perpetual symbolism has made my works have more oriental and less realistic roots.

Each small thing can be an inspiration. Varying from day-to-day events to a phrase in an art theory book! First, the idea comes to my mind and then I find a suitable medium. If the idea is able to walk; I give it wings to fly with symbols and magic.

The note-taking process can take years. Then by re-reading the notes, I build a storyline and later the plot with the smallest details. Final writing does not take too long. I never want to finish the job. I want to make sure that the stew is cooked well.

Making films follows a similar pattern. I would like everything to be planned and pre-built in mind and on paper before it is actually made. However, I am flexible on set and I can handle unforeseen events with minimal casualties.